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Code of conduct


ERGA is an open community, to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all its members, please abide by ERGA's code of conduct.


Privacy Policy
You can read our full privacy policy here.


You can view our GitHub here.


ERGA Sample Submission Manifest

Looking for assistance and guidance with how to assemble a genome?
The Sequencing and Assembly Committee can help!
Join our Slack Channel!

Here you can post your questions and start conversations with the Sequencing and Assembly community from the ERGA consortium.


Use our resources! 

Here we have a collection of Genome Assembly Workshops collected and curated by the members of the ERGA SAC.


Join our mailing list!

Send an email to to join the ERGA Sequencing and Assembly mailing list and get regular updates about the activities of the SAC.


Present at our meetings!

Send and email to to request a slot to present at a SAC meeting if you would like feedback on your project. We can advise on steps to improve an assembly or potential pipelines that you may find useful.



Species Nominations
Second ERGA call for European Community Species Nominations: Preliminary ERGA community species survey to support the development of species prioritisation in the Horizon Europe Biodiversity Genomics Europe project. 

Public ERGA Species Nominations:  List of (already) nominated species.

                                 - Click the image to see the up-to-date ERGA 
Species nomi
nations by Family 

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