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The Biodiversity Genomics Europe Project has the overriding aim of accelerating the use of genomic science to enhance understanding of biodiversity, monitor biodiversity change, and guide interventions to address its decline.



The BGE Project comprises activities focused on DNA Barcoding (Barcoding Stream) and Reference Genome Generation (Genomes Stream) for eukaryotic species across Europe, bringing together two European networks: iBOL Europe and the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA).

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The ERGA Stream of BGE

The Genomes Stream of BGE, as the European node of the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP), aims to establish and implement large-scale biodiversity genomic data generation pipelines to accelerate the production and accessibility of reference-quality, complete genome sequences for species across the whole of European biodiversity. The output will support applications in the fields of: biodiversity characterisation, conservation, and biomonitoring. The Genomes Stream focuses on generating reference-quality genomes from critical European biodiversity, biodiversity hotspots, pollinators, and a selection of applied case studies.

BGE-ERGA Stream Work Packages:
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