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Community Guidelines & Documents

ERGA Governance Document

The ERGA Governance Document builds on the initial consortium structure guidelines and defines ERGA bodies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities. On registration, ERGA Members agree to be bound by both the ERGA Code of Conduct and this Governance Document.

Code of Conduct

ERGA is a bottom-up, open and inclusive community. ERGA membership is open to any individual who supports ERGA’s objectives, registers as a member, and agrees to be bound by the ERGA Code of Conduct.

Privacy Policy

As a community connecting researchers working in the field of biodiversity genomics, ERGA is committed to protecting privacy and respecting privacy regulations, as outlined in the ERGA Privacy Policy.

This document outlines the Open Data Policy (ODP) for ERGA. This includes all data and metadata produced as part of the activities within and/or associated with ERGA.

ERGA Glossary

This page provides explanations about terms and acronyms often used within ERGA and in the context of Biodiversity Genomics. 

Community Guidelines

Sampling Resources

ERGA Sample Manifest

ERGA aims to promote and facilitate ethical and legal sampling practices that are also complete and comprehensive so as to fully document the provenance of all samples. The ERGA Sample Manifest serves as the community standard for documenting sampling.

Community Interest Species Survey

From late 2021 to early 2023 ERGA conducted a community-wide survey to identify species of interest and potential sample providers; the archived list contains ~1700 species of interest.  


Data & Tools

ERGA Data Portal

Access the Data Portal and Status Tracker here. These resources are developed together with EMBL-EBI and provide the latest information about data available at the European Nucleotide Archive for all species registered under the ERGA umbrella project.

The Genomes on a Tree (GoaT) platform is mantained by the Wellcome Sanger Institute. GoaT helps coordinate efforts across the Earth Biogenome Project (EBP) Network at all stages from planning through sequencing and assembly to publication.


Through community contributions, ERGA is working towards collecting computational workflows, pipelines, and tutorials in the ERGA GitHub Repositories.

ERGA WorkflowHub Space

Through community contributions, ERGA is working towards collecting computational workflows, pipelines, and tutorials in the ERGA WorkflowHub space.

Galaxy / Genome Assembly

Structural Annotation Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to annotate protein-coding genes in your genome. Developed by the Annotation Committee.

Annotation Committee
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