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Annotation Committee

Annotation Committee

Annotations transform genomes into larger sources of knowledge and offer critical added value to genome assemblies. They serve as a direct link between the genome sequence and function and facilitate comparisons across taxa, both on a large and small scale. The ERGA Annotation Committee is composed of researchers and bioinformaticians who have experience in using computational methods to predict the structural and functional composition of whole genomes. We strive to understand and use the most advanced analytical methods for annotating genomes, to develop new methods for annotation and its evaluation, and to align with the standards set by the EBP. We are committed to promoting the best possible annotation pipelines are available to and used by the annotation community and new researchers entering this field. The committee meets regularly to review the progress of the annotation in ERGA-genomes, discuss current issues and challenges, and propose changes to improve the annotation process.

(V.1.0 16.05.2023)


Alice Dennis


Christian de Guttry

Steering Committee

Aureliano Bombarely

Hugues Roest Crollius

Henrik Lantz

Fergal Martin

Florian Maumus

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