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BGE and ERGA at the World Biodiversity Forum 2024

On the 18th of June, Biodiversity Genomics Europe will organise a panel discussion at the World Biodiversity Forum 2024 that will take place next 16-21 June in Davos.

👉 The topic of the panel will be ‘Unleashing biodiversity's secrets through integrated and scaled genomic science solutions’. The panel discussion aims to bring together experts from both the DNA barcoding (iBOL Europe) and full-genome sequencing (ERGA) stream in an open forum to:

  • Introduce the current state-of-the-art to the wider community of stakeholders in biodiversity research and policy;

  • Debate the priorities for addressing challenges and seizing opportunities needed to accelerate and integrate genomic science solutions into practices.

Interested in participating? 📩 

Registration is open until June 7:

Please note that the event is in-person only. 


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