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Developing biodiversity genomics case studies in Europe - BGE-ERGA call

The Biodiversity Genomics Europe-ERGA stream is calling for Expressions of Interest for

parties to develop Case Studies that build biodiversity genomic applications in Europe.

The case studies should demonstrate the application of reference genomes and genomic data in one of two topics:

1) The Conservation of Species.

2) Species of economic importance or disease control.

The Biodiversity Genomics Europe consortium brings together two newly formed networks to improve our understanding of biodiversity, monitor biodiversity change, and guide interventions to prevent its decline.

Interested ERGA members are highly encouraged to submit applications to this call. All Expressions of Interest must include:

(i) focus on a biological system in Europe, suitable to develop one of the two application types;

(ii) genomic analyses based on at least one high quality reference genome and additional downstream data;

(iii) a plan for sampling, genomic data collection and data analysis;

(iv) a plan for stakeholder engagement.

More information about the call and details on the application process are described in this document.

Please share this announcement widely, so that it can reach the maximum number of interested project leaders.


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