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SSP - Sampling & Sample Processing

SSP - Sampling & Sample Processing

The Sampling and Sample Processing Committee (SSP) gathers and gives information on all steps from choosing which species to generate sequences for, to sending correctly prepared samples to sequencing centers. This also includes vouchering, biobanking and standardized metadata collection, as well as exchange on best practices for sampling and lab protocols for the whole variety of organisms that ERGA aims to include. This committee is thus often the first port of call for new sequencing projects within ERGA, and closely collaborates with scientific collections and sequencing centers, as well as several other ERGA committees, on issues such as collection permits and equal opportunities for projects from all over Europe. To accomplish these diverse tasks, we depend upon input from taxonomic experts on the whole eukaryotic tree of life.

(V.1.0 02.05.2023)


Katja Reichel

Jaakko Pohjoismäki


Rita Monteiro

Steering Committee

Astrid Böhne

Jennifer Leonard

Olga Vinnere Pettersson

Torsten Hugo Struck

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