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ERGA Rogue Genomes Workshop

Working with genomes of "unconventional" taxa? Join the ERGA Rogue Genomes Workshop:

What and why? We think that we should redefine what a high quality genome means in the larger context of eukaryote biodiversity, since for many lineages it won’t be possible to meet the standards of the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) due to:

  • Biological properties - the EBP standards are largely based on metrics from vertebrates. Eg, we know that many invertebrates have ‘different’ genomes (eg, parasites may have a high % of missing BUSCOs, etc).

  • Methodological problems - eg, low quality of reads after sequencing, poliploidy leading to assembly problems, picoeukaryotes where WGA is necessary, etc.

How to tackle this to make sure we are including under the ERGA umbrella reference genomes that may depart from the standards of EBP?

Let's discuss it!


All ERGA members with expertise in species with rogue genomes are welcome to participate! The efforts will be coordinated by the Executive Board.


  • 1st meeting: 30th April, 2:30pm to 4pm: Brainstorming and formation of working groups.

  • 2nd meeting: 2-3 weeks afterwards (TBD): Group session to put together the ideas of the working groups, and discuss an output for the work done.



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