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The new ERGA Executive Board!

The new executive board has been elected by the Council! The team brings together six highly engaged researchers that have been active in various ERGA committees and initiatives. We congratulate each one and wish them the best for their new roles and a term full of exciting achievements and opportunities. We look forward to working together under their leadership and vision so that ERGA can advance and accomplish even more!

The second ever iteration of "ERGA elections" has been successfully concluded, representing a major step in the efforts to formalise our community. As Camila Mazzoni, ERGA’s founding chair, puts it: “The Phase 1 of ERGA has established the foundation of the network and is currently undergoing consolidation with the support of the BGE Project until its completion. It is now time to initiate Phase 2, during which ERGA will actively promote the scaling up of reference genome sequencing for European Biodiversity.”

The electoral procedure was approved and followed closely by the ERGA Council, in accordance with the guidelines established by the ERGA governance Document. The process also received crucial support and oversight from the Nominations Working Group chaired by Alice Mouton, the Elections Supporting Team (Christian de Guttry, Diego de Panis and João Pimenta) and the JEDI Subcommittee.

The expanded structure of the executive board draws upon lessons learned during ERGA's first phase. “The newly expanded Executive Board will play a pivotal role in 1) expanding the network of partnerships and projects under the ERGA umbrella, and 2) expanding ERGA’s role as a knowledge hub that supports capacity building across Europe and ensures that genomes sequenced throughout Europe meet the required standards of the Earth BioGenome Project”, explains former chair Camila Mazzoni, “I am delighted to see the ongoing enthusiasm of our members and extend my best wishes to the new Executive Board for success in their mission to steer ERGA into Phase 2.”

Learn more about each of the Executive Board roles:


The ERGA Chair represents ERGA to the general public, stakeholders, and other initiatives. They are also responsible for implementing the decisions taken by the ERGA Council.


Scientific Officer

Partnership Officer

Dissemination Officer

Playlist - ERGA Executive Board Phase 2


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