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ELSI - Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues

ELSI - Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues

The Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) Committee has three driving missions within ERGA. First, to identify, anticipate and respond to ELSI issues as they arise and to develop policies and standards of research governance across the reference genome production pipeline. Secondly, to identify and give voice to the justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) concerns of ERGA and develop a strategy, or roadmap, for iterative improvement and change. Third, to support ERGA researchers with resources and training around both ELSI and JEDI concerns.

The committee’s embedded approach fosters cross-committee communication, real time identification of ELSI and JEDI issues as they arise across the reference genome production pipeline, and an expedited response rate.

(V.1.0 02.05.2023)


Elena Buzan


Christian de Guttry

Steering Committee

Ann Mc Cartney

Rebekah Oomen

Ciara Stauton

Jennifer Leonard

Sadye Paez

Robert Waterhouse

Alice Mouton

Lara Urban

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