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Seminar: Using genomics to inform biodiversity conservation under global change

This month's session of the ERGA BioGenome Analysis & Applications Seminars will focus on genomics applied to the assessment of population vulnerability, featuring invited speakers Orly Razgour and Chris Barratt.

🕚 Wednesday, February 28th - 11:00 CET.

Join us live on YouTube:



Using genomics to inform biodiversity conservation under global change (Orly Razgour)

Anthropogenically driven global environmental changes produce a range of new selection pressures forcing many species to move in search of suitable conditions or adapt. Whether organisms can respond to these threats depends on their adaptive capacity or phenotypic plasticity, their dispersal ability, and the rate and magnitude of change. Research carried out in my group integrates genomic tools with ecological research and modelling approaches to assess and predict how climate and land-use changes affect biodiversity. We focus on bats as important ecosystem components and potential indicators of the state of the environment and other biodiversity. In my talk I will highlight the importance of incorporating adaptive variation, movement processes and historic population changes when assessing biodiversity vulnerability to global environmental changes and informing adaptive conservation management.

Life on the edge: a new informatic toolbox to predict population vulnerability to global change (Chris Barratt)


Orly Razgour

Orly Razgour is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology at the University of Exeter, leading the Global Change Genetics group. Orly got a PhD from the University of Bristol and has held research fellowships at the University of Stirling, University of Bristol and the University of Southampton. Orly’s research integrates genomic, ecological and modelling approaches to understand biodiversity responses to global environmental changes, with a focus on bats, though not exclusively. Much of Orly’s research is applied, aiming to inform conservation management under environmental change. Orly is the Editor in Chief of the journal Diversity and Distributions, a trustee of the Bat Conservation Trust, a Scientific Advisor for the UNEP Agreement for the conservation of European bats (Eurobats), and the Chair of the British Ecological Society Climate Change group.

Chris Barratt

Chris Barratt is a postdoctoral researcher within sDiv, the synthesis centre of iDiv, and also a guest researcher at Naturalis. Chris's obtained his PhD from the University of Basel, Switzerland and has had research fellowships at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and iDiv. He integrates genomics, spatial modelling and ecological data and models to predict population level responses to global change. He primarily focuses on amphibians in Europe and Africa but also works with other vertebrate and plant species around the world.


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