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SAC - Sequencing and Assembly Committee

SAC - Sequencing and Assembly Committee

The Sequencing and Assembly Committee (SAC) aims to foster collaboration within the ERGA community by organising, coordinating efforts, and providing a platform for exchanging ideas in topics regarding genome assembly methods. SAC actively engages with other ERGA committees, genome projects, and consortia to maintain updated workflows and develop standardised pipelines aligned with ERGA's mission and quality requirements. Furthermore, the committee is establishing a framework for assembly evaluation to ensure high-quality standards are met and addresses complex cases by seeking feedback from the community. ERGA-SAC is also committed to producing guidelines, materials, SOPs, and best practices to facilitate ongoing improvement and knowledge sharing.

(V.1.0 02.05.2023)

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Nadège Guiglielmoni

Tyler Alioto


Diego de Panis

Steering Committee

Giulio Formenti

Catherine Breton

Camila Mazzoni

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