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CS - Citizen Science

CS - Citizen Science

The Citizen Science and Outreach Committee aims to facilitate collaboration and communication between scientists, stakeholders and citizens to increase trust in the scientific process and ensure that genomics research reflects the needs and perspectives of the broader community. By engaging a broad range of stakeholders, including policy makers, non-governmental organisations, industry representatives and citizens, the Committee seeks to foster a fruitful multi-stakeholder dialogue and support the traditional community knowledge through the use of citizen science and stakeholder perspectives. To achieve its goals, the Committee works to engage citizens and stakeholders in the research process and to promote public understanding of genomics through various public events and other activities. In addition, the Committee supports policies that support genomics research and its translation into practical applications for the benefit of society.

(V.1.0 02.05.2023)


Elena Buzan


Christian de Guttry

Luísa Marins

Steering Committee

Jacob Höglund

Lino Ometto

Svein-Ole Mikalsen

Chiara Bortoluzzi

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