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DAC - Data Analysis Committee

DAC - Data Analysis Committee

The Data Analysis Committee (DAC) aims at fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing in genomic data analysis among ERGA members, and enhancing the development of applications in genomics. DAC has the goal to develop and implement standard protocols for downstream data analysis, providing high standard frameworks and pipelines to tackle research questions with different groups of organisms. Additionally, together with the Training and Transfer of Knowledge committee (TKT), DAC is responsible for providing training opportunities to the ERGA and general scientific communities through the organization of workshops and conferences. Finally, DAC aspires to improve translational communication with stakeholders and citizen scientists by actively engaging with the Citizen Science committee (CS committee) activities, to influence species management and protect earth’s biodiversity

(V.1.0 02.05.2023)


Rosa Fernandez

Tereza Manousaki


João Pimenta

Leader of the Population Genomics Subcommittee

Mari Jose Ruiz

Leader of the Phylogenomics Subcommittee

Pascalia Kapli

Leader of the Comparative Genomics Subcommittee

Toni Gabaldón

Leader of the Functional Genomics Subcommittee

Steven Van Belleghem

Steering Committee

José Melo-Ferreira

Elena Buzan (CS committee representative)

Alice Mouton (TKT committee representative)

Joan Pons

Ana Riesgo

Committee Resources

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